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Curtains Up

I watched Princess Bride at the library.

Princess Bride was awesome! You should watch it!

Re-read a Favorite, then Discovered the Movie

I read a book to earn this badge: 
A Midwife's Tale by Laurel Ulrich
I love A Midwife's Tale - centered on a midwife's diary from the 18th century. It's amazing to read about daily life over 200 years ago. I was re-reading it when I discovered that CPL had a video adaptation:

A Midwife's tale [videodisc] by Blueberry Hill Productions

watched season 2 of eye sheild 21

Read Mallory in the Spotlight

I loved reading "Mallory in the Spotlight." Mallory in the spotlight is about a girl named Mallory who tries for the lead role in the school play and gets the part! She is super excited, but not everyone shares her enthusiasm, especially her best friend Mary Ann. In fact, the more excited Mallory gets, the less excited Mary Ann becomes. Mallory can't understand why Mary Ann is acting so strange. Even though the lights are shining bright, is there something Mallory's not seeing? Can Mallory find a way to play the roles of a leading lady and of a best friend? Read the book to find out!

Saw Jim Gill

Had a great time at the Jim Gill show. Love seeing him and his music is just so much fun!

Listened to the Soundtrack from Les Misersbles

Checked out and watched Lost in Translation

Watched "The Forger"

watch " Wild Kratts"

Watched the movie "Forrest Gump"

This movie always makes my husband cry at the end.

listen to an audiobook-- Amber Brown

I went to Opera on Tap at Frenchie's

Frenchie's in Ypsilanti hosted Opera on Tap, an event with three professional opera singers performing pieces from various operas and musicals. My favorite part was singing the last song, "Volare," with the whole bar!

Watched Pride and Prejudice ...... again!

My favorite one is actually the A&E 6 hour version with Colin Firth but thats a better saved for a cold winter day.

Plush Pets Sleepover

I took two of my pets to the Plush Pets Sleepover. They had a great time playing in the library all night.

Attended my first day of acting camp at the Village Theater

I went to the Village Theater for Wicked acting camp.

Watched Swiss Family Robinson

Swiss Family Robinson is a great movie of a family who tries to live on an island and goes on many adventures until they have fully settled down. I recommend this movie to people who like adventure, comedy, and a hint of romance.

Read the book Beezus and Ramona

Great Book

Watched and Read Charlotte's Web

The movie was great, but the book is even better!

Read The Talented Clementine

The Talented Clementine is a great book about a trouble-making girl named Clementine on a search for a hidden talent. She needs to find one for a class project involving a talent show and she is in a bit of a panic. Does she even have a talent? As Clementine does some self-examination, she encounters a little trouble and learns some lessons along the way. In the end, she discovers that she too has something special to contribute to the class.