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Animal Lover: eLectrified 2015

Watched Nat Geo Wild

I watched a national geographic program on whales.

I read about animals on the site Michigan Animals

I thought it was fun to read about animals in our state. It was cool to learn about frogs and snakes and other animals that could be in my own backyard!

read "dog fancy" magazine online

Watched lots of WildKrats and Paw Patrol episodes

Watched lots of WildKratts

The Legend of the Sleeping Bear- Video

The Legend of the Sleeping Bear- Video

Checked out an Alvin and the Chipmunks movie

Watched Wild Kratts.

Watched Wild Kratts.

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Watched a Nature program on Hoopla

Watched the Nature program A sloth named Velcro on Hoopla

I checked out the Animal Lover Pinterest board.

Watched "Paddington" bear movie

read an eBook about zoos