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Be Creative: eLectrified 2015

Watched videos for DIY t-shirts

colored a page from the coloring book

I made an iMovie movie

I made a few IMovie trailers with my brother

We made some HILARIOUS trailers! The Guy Who Went Insane was a family favorite, and one where my bro was the star!

Read "Popular Photography" magazine on Zinio

I learned how to take better photos with my iPhone

read a knitting magazine online

Watched the cooking show hosted by Ming

It showed how Ming put so many food into one thing: Spaghettis

I watched Little Witch Academia 2

Little Witch Academia is a cute little anime/cartoon about a witch school. It's a lot like Harry Potter, and has a bunch of adorable/funny moments. I backed it as a Kickstarter campaign, so I feel a bit responsible for helping to 'create' it!

I Checked out and listened to CDs from the library

I Checked out and listened to CDs from the library

i made an arrow

Used my kindle to play "Grandpa's workshop"

Used my kindle to create different barbies

Watched "Pitch Perfect 2" with friends

Watched Rent

DLTK Kids Kraft - Rangoli

watched a craft diy