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Curtains Up: eLectrified 2015

Using the website common sense to review books or other media my kids want to watch

They have GREAT parent reviews on every book i've ever looked up and the info other parents have posted has really given me insight into what I let my kids read or watch.

I watched a movie about how to train a dragon

I played on my MovieStarPlanet account

I have an account on this game! Its a fun game, and if you want to look it up and play, look up moviestarplanet, and if you wanna friend me, look up in the friend search cherry12455!

Watched the movie "Dunston Checks In" with my mom

Watched the movie "Home"

i watched Mission Impossible

i watched Mission Impossible

Charralet's web movie

Watched Descendants

This was a great movie based on the kids of evil Disney characters I loved it

Watched TAD on Netflicks.

Watched TAD on Netflicks.

Watchecd Descendants

I love that this was based on a book! I loved the movie and had a lot of friends over to watch it. Now we sing the songs!

Watched Much Ado About Nothing

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Watched Ruby in the Smoke

Ruby in the smoke [videodisc] by a BBC and WGBH Boston co -production — Watched Ruby in the Smoke, based on an old Philip Pullman novel. While watching, I found the Eleventh Doctor, Rose Tyler, Agent Carter, Molly Weasley, and Major John Andre. What a delight.