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Geek Out: eLectrified 2015

I have really enjoyed the flood of recipes people post on Facebook.

There are so many recipes i've "clicked" on while browsing Facebook… cooking is such an "all age" activity… CPL should consider a member submitted recipe in the e-newsletters.

I watched an episode of Dr. Who online. Title: Dalek.

i went to a minecraft program

I listened to the CD book The Iron Trial

Ive read this book, and I enjoyed listening to it. It was long, but I did it over the course of two days!

Watched episodes of "How it's made" with my sister

I watched the first harry potter movie

borrowed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

borrowed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DVD

Listened to Sports Jams on Hoopla

Read The Beer Connoisseur from Zinio

Used my kindle to do electronic puzzles

Camp Google activity: Defy Gravity

watched a movie geek chick

I watched a movie about Henry Ford

Watched a LEGO star wars clip.

I listened to Harry Potter on CD.

I watched the Dolphin Tale 2.

I made up a break dance to a CD.