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Great Outdoors: eLectrified 2015

I watched a video on the Delaware Water Gap.

I watched a show about niagara falls

Read The Watcher on Hoopla

The watcher [electronic resource]: Jane Goodall's life with the chimps by [writer and illustrator] Jeanette Winter — We have a print copy and a DVD copy of this, but I ended up accessing it on Hoopla. I learned that Jane Goodall's first name was Valerie, and had a great time watching her adventures with the chimpanzees with my son.

Watched the Legend of the Sleeping Bear Video

i went for a walk in the park

I watched riddle in a bottle

I listened to the CD book Island of the Blue Dolphins

This was an interesting thing to listen to. I think (spoiler alert!) that there was a lot of death in the first part.

I checked out the Michigan bug classification site!

I visited the Michigan Bugs and Insects classification site. There were a lot of scary/gross looking bugs that I would rather not see, but looking at them up close made them a little less scary. There were also some cute ones, like Katydids

I counted the ducks before they left

What Will You Find in the Wild? Volcanoes!

What Will You Find in the Wild? Volcanoes!

Watched the movie Gracie

Gracie wants to assume her brother's role on the soccer team after a deadly car accident. But in the 1970s, girls weren't allowed to play on the boys team, and Gracie spent hours and weeks preparing, running through the woods and practicing her ball skills.

watched legend of the sleeping bear