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Sleuth It: eLectrified 2015

I watched True Story

I watched the movie True Story (with Jonah Hill and James Franco).

I watched Scooby Doos Creepiest Capers.

i watched clue

did a puzzle on cia kids zone

played cia kids zone world challenge

I watched the Gold Retrievers on DVD from the Florida library.

Watched: Cutie Mark Quests

I listened to the CD book Hold Fast

My mom thought I didnt, but I did before I went to Author Quest sleep away camp!

On Storia, I read Rescue Princesses: The Secret Promise

I watched a mysterious youtube video

this video was talking about civilizations in mountains where civilization could not be done because of weather and oxygen. aliens mothmen and mysterious deaths

Investigate the CIA Kids' Zone!

The Legend of the Sleeping Bear- Video

i watched teen detectives video

played team umi zoomi on my ipad

I had to figure out games and look for the shape bandit

Investigated some MI folklore

Finished an online puzzle.