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Be Well: Super Bookworm 2015

I read a book all about the human heart

I read a book all about the human heart

Read: Forks Over Knifes

Read: You Are A Lion

Checked out a book on running form

Read Magic School Bus

read Who Wants a Hug

read Dinosaur vs. Mommy

I read "Samantha on a Roll."

I read "Samantha on a Roll."

Read the book "Little Ways to Keep Calm and Carry On" by Mark Reinecke

The book's subtitle is "Twenty lessons for managing worry, anxiety and fear." A fair amount of the lessons in this book are ones I've read or heard of before, even though they might be presented with different words or examples. Nevertheless, these lessons can be forgotten or easily swept aside when I'm facing a particularly worrisome or stressful problem or situation. I knew I was going to like this book when I first saw it at the library, so I bought my own copy to make notes in it and keep it for future reference.

I read a book called hate list

read Max goes to the Playground

Little Critter just a special day

The Pout Pout Fish

i did yoga