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2012 Statistics Dashboard


Dash-Revenue-2012-sm.pngThe library's total revenue for 2012 was $5,400,990. The majority of revenue comes from property taxes. The library received $5,054,411 in property taxes.

Dash-Expenditures-2012-sm.pngThe library had $4,649,099 in expenditures.

Dash-Employment-2012-sm.pngEmployees, including part time, full time, substitutes, and interns, worked a total of 111,155 hours. Volunteers contributed 4,604 hours of volunteer work to the library.

Dash-EmploymentType-2012-sm.pngThe library employed a total of 93 people. 79 total volunteers offered their time to work at the library.

Library Usage

Dash-CircStatistics2012-sm.pngWe welcomed 563,331 visitors through our doors.

Dash-CardHolders2012-sm.pngThere were 85,818 total library card holders. Of those, 77% were Canton Public Library Card holders.

Dash-CircByCollection2012-sm.pngIn 2012, patrons checked out a total of 1,737,417 items and checked out 33,065 eBooks. 32% of the items checked out in 2012 were DVDs, 30% were children's books, and 22% were adult books.

Dash-CollectionByType2012-sm.pngThe library has over 325,117 items in the collection. 73% of materials at the library are print materials. 13% of the items at the library are DVDs.

Programs and Outreach

Dash-Programs2012-sm.png The library held a total of 1,127 programs, with 29,563 people in attendance. Of those programs, 570 were children's programs, and 61 programs were a part of Connect Your Summer.

Dash-Programs-MeetingRoom2012-sm.pngThe library meeting rooms were used outside of library-sponsored programs 177 times over the course of the year.