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How to Participate in Connect Your Summer

Here’s how to participate in Connect Your Summer

Who Can Participate?

EVERYONE! This is an all-ages program.

How to Participate

Earn badges by completing the suggested activities corresponding to a theme. For each badge you earn, you get one entry into a prize drawing. Badges must be claimed online to be eligible for the drawing.

Get Started

Start by creating an account on My Account. Then click over to the Connect Your Summer webpage and decide which badge to earn first. This summer, we have three paths:

  • Super Bookworm Path: Read to earn each of the 12 badges and get a bonus Super Bookworm badge.
  • On the Scene Path: Visit the library for a program or participate in a library activity for each of the 12 badges and get a bonus On the Scene badge.
  • eLectrified Path: Use electronic media such as ebooks, audiobooks, videos, and other electronic resources to earn each of the 12 badges and get a bonus eLectrified badge.

When you earn each theme on all three paths, you win a MEGA badge and get entered into a special drawing. If you earn all 36 badges, plus complete the online survey, you will earn the SUPER MEGA ULTRA badge, and an entry into a SUPER MEGA ULTRA prize drawing.

Connect with your library on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the #cysisawesome hashtag.


You can also submit one completed paper Super Bookworm log for a prize drawing.