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Can I return things I checked out from Canton Public Library to a different library?

Hi. I’ve been told I can return books from your library to one closer to my work, but I returned a book at Wayne Library yesterday evening and it is still showing up as checked out on my patron record. Can you tell me how long would it take for it to reflect as being returned? As this book is due today I am worried I will be charged a late fee.


Fri, 2013-04-19 16:24

You were given correct information. The Canton Public Library is a member of The Library Network (TLN), and as such we participate in interlibrary delivery. You may return materials that you check out of our library to any other TLN library however, you should know that our computers are not linked to theirs, so the materials will not be checked in until they get back to us here. Most libraries attach a dated note to items brought back to them that must be put in delivery, to inform the loaning library of the exact date they were returned. The check in computers can then be set to the correct date so any fines accrued while the items were in transit can be waived.