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Item from the Ann Arbor District Library

There is an item that I saw in the AADL that I want to check out. Does Canton have an agreement with AADL that would allow me to check out the item? Thanks. Mike


Mon, 2015-03-09 10:43

Thank you for your question! Unfortunately, the Ann Arbor District Library has no reciprocal borrowing agreements with any area libraries, so they do not allow you to use your Canton Public Library card to check out their materials directly.

You may, however, use the statewide interlibrary loan system, MeLCat, to have some items delivered to CPL for you to pick up. You return the item to CPL when it is due, and we will arrange to have it shipped back. You don't indicate what the item is that you are hoping to borrow; just be aware that specialty items are typically not lendable through MeLCat--it's primarily print materials, with some libraries lending audio and video.

If you are looking to borrow an item in AADL's special collections that is not available via MeLCat, your other option is to purchase a non-resident card from AADL.

I hope this helps.

Eva Davis, Director