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Hello, I have been a Canton resident for 20 years and have utilized the Canton Library for many years and have appreciated all it offers and the wonderful staff. However, recently something happened upon me leaving the library that has been bothering me ever since and felt that I must express it. I was at the library on a weekend doing much research for a charitable community domestic violence project and had several documents that I had to print. I knew that the library was closing at 6pm so I printed several times to prevent problems in the end. It was about ten minutes to close and I preceded to wait my turn for a printer to be available to print the remaining articles (just a couple at this point). I was done before six o'clock and was packing up to leave the library. At this point it was 6:02. I preceded out the first door to leave and stop to use the bathroom. I have diabetes and needed to use to restroom before I left. I was stopped and told that I was not allowed to use the bathroom because the library was closed. This security guard has harassed me and my kids for quite some time and I want it to stop. Recently, He has also told me to move from were I was sitting to accommodate someone when the library still had plenty of tables to utilize. The patron refused for me to get out of my seat and told him that was not necessary. If he bothers me again, I will go to whom ever I need to and make a complaint. Most concerning was I was not allowed to use the rest room before I left!! this is NO EXCUSE!!


Thu, 2015-04-02 12:29

I am so happy to hear that as a Canton resident you have used and enjoyed the library for so many years. I am equally distressed to find that you were not allowed to use our restrooms as you were exiting the building. There is no excuse, and you have my assurance that the situation has been addressed with both our security monitor and general staff.

I apologize for any confusion over the situation in which you were asked to make room for another patron. Any individual may be asked to make room for others by consolidating belongings or equipment in order to free up seats; but that request should always be made in a kind and courteous manner. No patron should be asked to give up their individual seat for another person unless they are a single user occupying a group study room when a group is waiting for space.

Again, you have my sincere apologizes for any discomfort you encountered and I hope you will allow us the opportunity to serve you again in the future.