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Closing the Library for Liberty Fest

Whose decision was it to close the library during Liberty Fest? That person should be fired. I didn't appreciate driving all the way across Canton, wasting an hour of my time and wasting gas, just to find out tat the library was close on a Thursday. There's no good reason why the library needed to be closed. I once drove all the way to the library only to find out it was closed for the day because the staff was in training. I've had training at every place I've ever worked, and none of those businesses ever closed for the day. I think somebody just likes to find any possible excuse to close the library. Maybe it's time for me to start voting against library millage rate increases.


Fri, 2015-06-19 11:46

I am that person. I am sorry that you wasted your time coming to the library when we were closed. I will share with the library board your request that I be fired.

We communicate closures as much in advance as possible, as often as possible, in as many forms as possible:

  1. All of our closures are listed on our Hours/Location page on our website, posted by December for the following year.
  2. As we move through the year, we communicate upcoming closure dates through our monthly newsletter, listed at the end. We communicated our Liberty Fest closures in the June newsletter. You may sign up for our monthly newsletter by entering your email address in the box at the top of the newsletter page.
  3. This week, starting on Tuesday, our street sign message communicated the Liberty Fest closures.
  4. Also this week, starting on Wednesday, the Today at CPL message at the top of the front page of our website communicated the Liberty Fest closures.
  5. Within the library, we posted signs this week at all service points and on our doors reminding patrons of our Liberty Fest closures.
  6. We used social media, including Facebook and Twitter, to communicate the Liberty Fest closures.
  7. We communicated our Liberty Fest closures to local news media, and it was included in their coverage leading up to this weekend.

Your second comment related to our staff inservice day. As a seven-day, 72-hours-per-week operation with almost 100 employees (84 of them part-time), it is impossible to hold all-staff training without closing the library. During the year we make do with departmental meetings and other sub-meetings, but all-staff training is held only once per year. As many government offices are closed on federal holidays, I selected a federal holiday for the staff inservice closure. Columbus Day is, historically, our slowest day of those federal holidays. We use the same methods listed above to communicate that closure.

I am sorry that we have inconvenienced and disappointed you. I hope that this information helps in the future to prevent you from wasting your time and gas.

Eva Davis, Director

Sat, 2015-06-20 17:08

Was the closure communicated through the recorded hours-of-operation message on the phone system, yes or no?

Sat, 2015-06-20 18:49

I just dialed in to 734-397-0999 and verified that the phone message says we are closed for Liberty Fest and will reopen on June 21.

Eva Davis, Director