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Lexile range

It would be helpful if kids can choose books based on their Lexile Range. This way they can choose appropriate books for their range . This could improve their reading ability for school testing as well.


Mon, 2015-08-10 09:26

Thank you so much for contacting us.

Our system does not contain Lexile information for the books in our collection. So at this time, there is no way to simply search our library catalog by Lexile Range.

While a simple search isn’t possible, there are a few options that might help. From our Kids Page ( you can scroll down to the Database section to find a few resources. These databases are available in the library, or from home with a Canton Library Card.

AR BookFinder US ( has an Advanced Search option to search by Lexile Range. This is doubly useful if your child's school uses Accelerated Reader testing.

NoveList K8 Plus ( also has an Advanced Search option to search by Lexile Range. This database will also offer suggestions based on what kind of books your child likes to read.

Using either of these options will require you to then search for the title in our library catalog to check availability, but they will give you a starting point and at least a few suggestions.

One word of caution: Lexile Ranges do not seem to be readily available for every book, so please just be aware that you and your child may miss out on some great titles if you limit yourself to books leveled solely by Lexile.

If you have additional questions or need clarification, please contact us again by responding here, calling 734-397-0999 or coming to visit us in person!

Erin Strand
Children’s Librarian