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Children's library renovation

I may be years too late in asking about this since my children are now in college but can you tell me if the tiles that were painted by children and installed in the children's library sometime around 2000-2001 are still there? If the library still has those tiles on the wall, will they remain there in the renovation or be removed? If removed, would there be any chance of the original painters getting them back? Just thought I'd ask as my daughter painted a tile when she was in first grade and we always enjoyed showing it off. Any information you could pass along would be appreciated. Thank you!


Wed, 2015-12-02 17:49

We will be unable to preserve the painted tiles when the wall is dismantled. The tiles will be preserved digitally on our Canton Public Library Flickr account. We will also be creating a printed book featuring the tiles. The book will be available for circulation some time in 2016.