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Harry Potter Quiz

Test your knowledge of the Harry Potter books with this cyber challenge. The following websites may be helpful in answering these questions:

Harry Potter

Dinosaur Finger Puppets

Directions: Print out dinosaur finger puppets. Color and cut out each puppet on the dotted lines. Use a pencil to punch a hole through the center of the circles. Place your first two fingers through the holes of a puppet to form the legs. Make the puppet move by moving your fingers. You can tell a story with your puppets.

Brontosaurus (bront-a-SAWR-us)


Stegosaurus (steg-a-SAWR-us)


Middle Ages and Renaissance

Every year, there is a huge assignment in the Canton middle schools to do a report on a Renaissance topic. Some of these sites are aimed at older students than what you normally find on the Kids pages, so the reading levels are higher.