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About Canton History

The Canton History project is intended to foster connections per our 2009 Strategic Plan. It launched in October 2010 with an initial batch of over 900 items.

Strategic Plan

Objective (#3): The Canton Public Library will service the community by being a conduit for connections between residents and local groups, through the awareness of needs and opportunities.

Create a digital archive to connect the community

  • Pursue partnerships within the community to establish the library as the digital repository for local historical and community information
  • Develop plan for grant initiative to fund digital archive
  • Review existing infrastructure
  • Develop implementation plan
  • Implement and evaluate plan

The Plan

We are presently digitizing Canton Public Library's history, using the experience of doing so to improve our workflow and interface. Soon we will pursue more community partnerships and digitize materials from outside the library.

If you have artifacts of possible historical significance to Canton communities, please contact Brad Czerniak, our Digital Resources Developer.

If you would like to assist with the Canton History project, learn more about volunteering at CPL, then contact Kathie Gladden, Volunteer Coordinator.


Images and Documents should be scanned at 600dpi whenever practical
  • Images larger than 5"7" but smaller than the scanner's full tray may be scanned at 300dpi for speed and storage purposes
  • Slides and other small-format images should be scanned at a minimum resolution of 2400dpi
  • Images larger than the scanner tray may be scanned in multiple passes if the risk of damage to the original is negligible, but should also be photographed for contextual purposes
  • Documents should generally be done at 600dpi to allow for Optical Character Recognition. Documents with type no smaller than 24-point may be scanned at 300dpi for speed and storage purposes
  • Audio should be recorded at the highest practical bit rate given recording circumstances
  • Video should be recorded at the highest practical resolution and bit rate given recording circumstances
  • Objects should be photographed or otherwise recorded individually without added context in well-considered lighting at high resolution, per the camera's capabilities
All fixed visual artifacts (images, documents) should be saved as uncorrected full-quality TIFF files, unless such output is unavailable on the scanner or camera.
Audio should be saved in the native lossless format of the recording device
Video should be saved in the native lossless format of the recording device


Special thanks to the Canton Historical Society and Plymouth-Canton Community Schools for support in this continuing relationship.

Additionally, this project would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the 2010 CPL Summer Interns, Jared and Hilary.


Your tax-deductible contributions help support library collections, programs, and services.

Donate to our operating fund.

Endowment Fund

To ensure the library's long-term financial stability, an endowment fund has been established under the management of the Canton Community Foundation. A gift to this fund is a gift that grows — the principal remains intact — creating a legacy to benefit Canton residents for years to come.



Donated materials may be placed in the brown wooden structure behind the building. If your donation can be added to the library's collection, it will be. If not, your donation goes to Secondhand Prose used bookstore for fundraising purposes.

We're looking for

  • Books
  • DVDs
  • CDs
We're not looking for magazines, textbooks published before 2000, encyclopedias older than eight years, dirty or otherwise damaged items, record albums, computer hardware, or CD-ROMs.

Gift/Memorial Donations

The Canton Public Library invites and appreciates donations given in honor or memory of a person or group. A bookplate will be inscribed with their name, and placed on the inside cover of the book purchased in their name.

Library Value Calculator

In the 'usage' column, click the checkboxes if you've borrowed books or movies, and put the number of times you've used the other resources in the last year. The total will automatically update when you click out of a field (or into the next field).
Market Value of Library Services
UsageLibrary ServicesValue of Services

Borrowing a library book is not the same value as buying a new book. As such, we base the savings on the approximate annual cost of services like Booksfree and BookSwim, which work like Netflix but for books.

Netflix DVDs by mail (rounded to $8/month) is the closest 'competitor' to our DVD lending service.

Our calculation of $30 per class is approximated on the average 1.5 hour cost for one-time computer [personal enrichment] classes at local Universities and Community Colleges.

Given the ephemeral nature of Magazines and Newspapers, it is fair to approximate reading and/or borrowing periodicals as the same as newsstand price, or $2 each.

The $7 approximation is based on the purchase price of an album on iTunes, and the per-album queue price for the Yourmusic service.

Storytimes and programs for children and adults. $10 per program is based on similar local offerings.

Tutoring Value based on estimated per-hour cost of similar commercial services.

It's tough to estimate a fixed value for Reference. A question of fact, like those asked through ChaCha, is free on the open market. An hour of professional research through many libraries (including New York Public Library) routinely costs $60 or more.

If you don't have access to a computer, the most viable option beside the library is Fedex Office. They charge $12 per hour of computer use.

Renting a room at other local attractions averages $50 per hour.

Like reference questions, accessing databases has a varying and subjective value. The $20 estimate is approximate, based on short-period personal access costs to various databases.

The $9 estimate is an average of ticket prices to local museums, parks, and other attractions.

Fork on GitHub to use this Creative Commons licensed calculator on your library site.



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Canton Public Library is located just south of the township administration building. If you need more specific directions, call 734-397-0999.


  • Monday-Thursday: 9:00 AM-9:00 PM
  • Friday-Saturday: 9:00 AM-6:00 PM
  • Sunday: Noon-6:00 PM


2015 Library Closures

DateReason for Closing
Thursday, January 1New Year's Day
Sunday, April 5Easter Sunday
Sunday, May 24Memorial Day Sunday
Monday, May 25Memorial Day
Thursday, June 18Close at 3:00 PM for Liberty Fest
Friday, June 19Liberty Fest
Saturday, June 20Liberty Fest
Friday, July 3Independence Day Observed
Saturday, July 4Independence Day
Sunday, September 6Labor Day Sunday
Monday, September 7Labor Day
Monday, October 12Columbus Day
Thursday, November 26Thanksgiving
Friday, November 27Thanksgiving Friday
Thursday, December 24Christmas Eve
Friday, December 25Christmas Day
Thursday, December 31New Year's Eve
Friday, January 1New Year's Day

2016 Library Closures

DateReason for Closing
Friday, January 1New Year's Day
Sunday, March 27Easter Sunday
Sunday, May 29Memorial Day Sunday
Monday, May 30Memorial Day
Thursday, June 16Close at 3:00 PM for Liberty Fest
Friday, June 17Liberty Fest
Saturday, June 18Liberty Fest
Sunday, July 3Independence Day Sunday
Monday, July 4Independence Day
Sunday, September 4Labor Day Sunday
Monday, September 5Labor Day
Monday, October 10Columbus Day
Thursday, November 24Thanksgiving
Friday, November 25Thanksgiving Friday
Friday, December 23Christmas Eve Observed
Saturday, December 24Christmas Eve
Sunday, December 25Christmas Day
Saturday, December 26Christmas Day Observed
Friday, December 30New Year's Eve Observed
Saturday, December 31New Year's Eve
Sunday, January 1New Year's Day
Monday, January 2New Year's Day Observed


The policies linked below have been approved [a gavel] by the Canton Public Library's Board of Trustees. They are intended to support CPL's mission of connecting your community.


Library Director

Eva Davis grew up in Canton and is a proud graduate of Canton High School. With a background in customer service, research, and publishing, she became a librarian in 1998, and has held her dream job here since 2008. Having experienced Canton both without a library (pre-1980) and with a library (1980-present), she thinks that the community is definitely better off now, and is committed to continuing CPL's award-winning excellence.

Department Heads

Circulation Services

Nancy Szczepanski has been with the Canton Public Library since the current building opened in November of 1988. She is an avid gardener, and has lived in Canton since the late 1970s. Nancy grew up in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and whenever possible makes the trip back to visit family and enjoy a more relaxed way of life.

About Us

The Canton Public Library connects your community.

Canton Public Library serves more than 90,000 residents of Canton Township in western Wayne County, Michigan. We are a member of TLN and Metro Net. Our director is Eva Davis.

CPL is the busiest single-branch library in the state, circulating 300,000+ items over 1.7 million times [in 2012]. Our 53,500 square foot facility provides space for our 77%-resident patron population of more than 85,818 cardholders.